A screenshot of a level in the game Rift Riff, featuring the player character, a basecamp and various towers, and a horde of enemies attacking your towers.

Rift Riff is a minimalistic tower defense game. Build towers at strategic locations and survive increasingly more difficult waves of enemies. Out on Steam (Win / Mac / Linux) and mobile app stores later this year.


YouTube link: https://youtu.be/MXm21koizZE
Download video: rift-riff-announce-trailer.mp4


Game Logo

Rift Riff's title wordmark.

Key Art

Rift Riff's title wordmark.

Made by…

Adriaan de Jongh
Game Design, Programming, Marketing

Sim Kaart
Graphic Design, Game Design, Marketing

Matthijs Koster
Music & Sound Design

Team History

The 3-person team making Rift Riff came together in 2024 specifically to make the game. Game Designer Adriaan de Jongh has been making games since 2011 with the black-and-white searching game Hidden Folks as his biggest hit. Illustrator Sim Kaart did graphic design for various creative projects from 2012 before joining Adriaan in making games in 2020 — more specifically, the music party game Secret Shuffle. Music Composer and Sound Designer Matthijs Koster has been creating music and sound for commissioned projects since 2016 and Rift Riff is his first game.

Social Media Links

Game Designer Adriaan posts on Mastodon, Tiktok, Reddit, and YouTube. Graphic Designer Sim posts on Instagram and Reddit. Music & Sound Designer Matthijs is on Instagram.